Signs Of A Fool: How To Understand That She Is A "typical Blonde"?

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Signs Of A Fool: How To Understand That She Is A "typical Blonde"?
Signs Of A Fool: How To Understand That She Is A "typical Blonde"?

Video: Signs Of A Fool: How To Understand That She Is A "typical Blonde"?

Video: Signs Of A Fool: How To Understand That She Is A "typical Blonde"?
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Funny girl
Funny girl

Sometimes, having met a lady, men think about whether it is true that there are all the signs of a fool, or she just pretends to seem a little infantile, not burdened with any problems by the girl. Often with a girl who does not have a sharp mind, it can be fun at the very beginning, but then it turns out to be boring and insipid.

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  • 1 The main signs that a girl is “not all at home”
  • 2 Tips for a man: which girl shouldn't you date?
  • 3 Ladies waiting for their prince
  • 4 Signs She's a Fool
  • 5 What do men think of them?

The main signs that a girl is “not all at home” i

A reckless girl never hides her emotions, and shows them everywhere - at home, in a pharmacy, on the road or in a hospital. She does not think at all about where she is. At first, such lightness and carelessness attracts, but over time everything becomes too sad, because the fool does not just roll up concerts, but does it in such a way that no one will seem a little.

The second and very common sign of a fool is the lack of desire to develop, build a career, move forward. Such a lady may believe that all her life will be provided by men who will buy both an iPhone and a moped, and will also give money for new acrylic nails.

It is interesting that the main sign of a fool is an acute need for a man next to her. Almost 80% of the girl's thoughts - fools will be occupied with relationships, and the remaining 20 - makeup and shopping.

In fact, it is very simple to recognize a fool - she does not at all strive for education, she does all the assigned work "on the ditch" in order to get rid of her superiors. It will be difficult to find at least some book in the library of such a lady, but on Instagram there are 1000+ photos with captions like "And this is me and my dog, we are eating."

A girl who blames her parents for not providing her with a two-room apartment and a lot of money in addition is a critical case in which even reading smart books may not help.

A boring and uninteresting girl will not burn with her work. She simply floats with the flow of life, every now and then bumping into a snag.

Tips for a man: which girl shouldn't you date? 2

A very caustic and capacious list was published on one of the men's forums and sites, which describes all the qualities of girls with whom you should not try to build relationships.

A girl who started an intimate life early is not suitable. And although early is a subjective concept, the framework is still set. Men are usually very surprised when a 17-year-old girl is no longer a virgin.

For a long-term relationship, "asshole" is not suitable. And although the ability to create comfort is a desirable, but not at all obligatory quality for a lady, the ability to put removed things in a closet is vital.

Signs that she's a fool
Signs that she's a fool

In recent years, all those girls who smoke are considered fools by men. Naturalness is becoming more and more fashionable, and therefore those who began to smoke and spray the pungent smell of tobacco with chewing gum, a spray bottle, cannot become desirable women.

Definitely, a girl who prefers to believe in all the inexplicable and supernatural can be called a fool. The bottom line is that ardent fans often start to scare a man, adjusting various special effects. To convince a man of the existence of the other world. All that remains in this case for the guy is to send the fool to a lecture on space or simply invite her to live separately. To do without ghosts for at least a week.

Ladies waiting for their prince3

The days of romanticism have passed, the modern 21st century has come, and the ladies sitting at the window waiting for the handsome prince cause at least bewilderment. Psychologists call this phenomenon rose-colored glasses syndrome, when a girl believes only in good things and does not want to come to terms with real life.

With such a girl it can be interesting only on a 5-10 date, but otherwise she is not completely ready to keep up a conversation on any topic, however, she will always gladly declare that she is the best suited for the role of a princess. But the prince will never appear, because the "girl is waiting" has no idea what flaws a typical average man may have.

Signs She's a Fool4

The girl does not read educational books at all, but she prefers flipping glossy magazines. To live, she needs to know how the stars live, and what clothes they wear, but not at all how real life events end.

recognize the typical blonde
recognize the typical blonde

The second sign is the girl's little vocabulary. In order to explain quite a simple thing to himself, the fool will not have enough words.

The dream of a lifetime for a fool girl is to marry an American or a wealthy Russian man. She is ready to do anything for this - pump up her lips, go to the gym every day and spend a lot of money on the coach, but the option of obtaining a visa is too difficult for her.

What do men think of them? 5

Every man wants to see next to him an interesting, fully developed personality, a girl, busy with her own life. They express themselves very simply about fools:

  • "What to take from her, does not understand anything at all."
  • "I wonder if she really is, or just pretending."

You don't want to get involved with a stupid man, but if he suddenly fell in love, he can offer her to become interested in some kind of business, to learn something new.

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