Why Do Men Of All Nationalities Like Asian Women So Much?

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Why Do Men Of All Nationalities Like Asian Women So Much?
Why Do Men Of All Nationalities Like Asian Women So Much?

Video: Why Do Men Of All Nationalities Like Asian Women So Much?

Video: Why Do Men Of All Nationalities Like Asian Women So Much?
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I like Asian girls
I like Asian girls

Recently, men have developed an acute sexual preference for East Asian women, men like Asian women so much that for some it even becomes a fetish. There are many dating sites where men show their affection for Asian women, so they are increasingly seen as a desirable partner.

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The latest data analyzing users of Facebook dating apps showed that men of all racial groups like Asian girls the most, with the exception, oddly enough, Asian men.

Men recommend dating Asian women to their single friends because they find they are much more sexually open than "white" girls.

Part of this Asian popularity seems to be related to aesthetics, as a 2012 study of attractiveness by Cardiff University found that East Asian women scored the highest points, while East Asian men, on the contrary, were at the very bottom of the attractiveness rating for other people.

The Desired Bride2

Even the recent boom of "Russian brides" is smoothly shifting towards Asians, Thai, Korean and Filipinos are beginning to lead the market for future wives.

A man's dream is to have a wife who wants to please him, values his love, and treasures his efforts to create a home. All this men find in Asian culture. You will hear men refer to these values as “traditional values,” because that was what once united families.

Husband Service 3

Asian culture teaches girls from an early age that a man is in charge of the house, and a woman is an assistant who takes care of him, while this position is not a servant, but a mistress of the house.

Thus, taking care of her husband becomes almost the main occupation of an Asian woman, along with arranging a home and raising children, which means that the life of such families is more harmonious, unlike couples where a strong woman gets along with a passive man.

Why Asian women want to leave their home countries4

It's simple - they want a better life. Most women are not attached to their country and want to get married and have a better life. That being said, it's not bad. The fish is looking for where it is deeper, and the man, where is better, also Russian girls marry Europeans and leave Russia.

why do men like Asian women
why do men like Asian women

According to Asian women, men from the West treat women better than men from their home countries. In her country, what she does for her man or her husband is natural and expected from a woman. While most "white" men expect that the girl is not obliged to please him and love him for who he is.

When an Asian woman does this, she grows in the eyes of a man. For an Asian woman, a man doesn't have to be super-rich or look like a movie star, it's enough that he treats her well and shows his love.

Influence of culture5

Asian countries, in which patriarchy still reigns, have their own culture of raising girls, they learn from childhood to keep home comfort, obey men and raise children. An Asian woman will not argue with her husband, she will think that he knows better.

men love Asian women
men love Asian women

A special role in the behavior of an adult Asian woman is a large overcrowding of the population; it is not uncommon for children of different sexes of all ages to live in the same room, thus, Asians are less shy compared to women of other races.

Scientific background6

Dr. Ed Morrison, senior lecturer in the Department of Evolutionary Psychology at the University of Portsmouth, says the basic evolutionary theory for mate selection is "optimal outbreeding," meaning "the best mate is someone who is like you, but not too much."

White men may be attracted to Asian women because they are genetically different enough. There must be more, though, especially when it comes to men who are exclusively attracted to Asian women.

men love Asian women
men love Asian women

Ultimately, the reasons why people are drawn to each other, and in particular why white men like Asian women, are extremely complex. Dr. David Frederick, assistant professor of psychology at Chapman University, studies how biological and social factors influence attraction. In addition to the stereotype of submissiveness, he suggests that a number of factors may contribute to a man's liking for Asian women.

For example, when white men mostly grew up with white women, Asian women and women from other ethnic minorities may find them new and interesting. The scientist also notes that the established good relationship with an Asian woman in the past can affect attraction to women of this race.

“If a man has a positive relationship with an Asian woman, it can increase his preference for Asian women,” he says. “Physical features typical of Asian women can be combined with feelings of reward and pleasure.

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