So Why A Girl Is Lying: Reasons And Instructions For Guys

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So Why A Girl Is Lying: Reasons And Instructions For Guys
So Why A Girl Is Lying: Reasons And Instructions For Guys

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Lying is common in relationships. Both boys and girls sin this. Lies do not disappear from the spouses. But a lie is not always an indicator of disrespect for a person, just as it cannot be said that it is for the good. Guys often tend to give girly lies a much more negative connotation than they actually are.

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  • 1 The tale is a lie, but there is a hint in it …
  • 2 Dragon and princess
  • 3 Straightforwardness in delicate matters
  • 4 Silence is golden
  • 5 Comfort zone and personal interests
  • 6 Suppression of the conflict
  • 7 Who will remember the past …
  • 8 … Good fellows - a lesson!

At the same time, completely forgetting that the reason is not at all in the girl, but in the situation in which it becomes necessary to lie. If you tell the truth all the time, then there will be no one to marry. But why the girl is lying, it's better to figure it out, and life will immediately become easier.

The fairy tale is a lie, but there is a hint in it … i

There are actually not many reasons for lying. And in most cases they are completely harmless. And for some guys in general they can say "thank you".

Dragon and Princess2

Oh, how boys love to arrange total control over their girls. Give them free rein, they are ready to lock their beloved in the highest tower at the end of the earth. Well, the right word, overkill! So the little girl is toiling in captivity. She sees only one way out: to come up with a situation in which she will have the opportunity to communicate with her friends without an all-seeing eye. Tip: do not create a communication vacuum. The girl has the absolute right to have girlfriends and friends, as well as meet them without being accompanied by her dragon.

Straightforwardness in delicate matters3

Both sexes have different needs. Sometimes there are very awkward situations when it is vital for a girl to interrupt or even reject the meeting. Guys do not know the language of hints, so they have to write legends in order to save themselves from unnecessary and lengthy explanations. If something like this has happened, then you should not insist on the veracity of the answer. Advice: accept the refusal without asking any questions right away and don't ask for an explanation. You need to trust!

Silence is gold4

A girl, as a simple representative of the human race, may have such a feature as persistent silence. Basically, this is the fruit of education. And this ability to remain silent is a good bonus for her character. People are always respectful of those who are laconic. But the guys don't like it.

why is the girl lying
why is the girl lying

Give them all the ins and outs, and even with details. In principle, they do not recognize the right to personal events. And by the way, they cannot help with solving the problem either in most cases. So the little girl is silent, so as not to escalate the situation, but somewhere she will lie, if the guy really crawls under his skin. Advice: don't stick your nose into someone else's question.

Comfort zone and personal interests5

A girl may have her own interests, her hobbies. Sometimes such things go against the wishes of the young man. Naturally, the ban follows immediately. And who likes it when his desires, interests and freedom are limited or completely excluded? Of course not to anyone. The only thing left is to come up with various excuses to get what you want. There is only one advice: you need to respect the interests of other people. In any case, it is still unknown whether the couple will be together, and it is unacceptable to break the dream of another.

Extinguishing the conflict6

If a young person is quite aggressive, then lying can be a way to extinguish the conflict. The girl, writing fables, is simply trying to avoid punishment. Psychologists unanimously claim that fear is the main reason for lying. This also includes the problem of pathological jealousy. Everyone knows that jealousy can provoke a waterfall of lies.

reasons for female lies
reasons for female lies

Conclusion: they lie to those to whom it is dangerous to tell the truth. If you exclude aggression from the relationship, then you don't have to ask the question “why the girl is lying”.

Who will remember the past … 7

Not every girl can boast of an impeccable past. If she is not 18 years old, and she already had a relationship, then the truth is very difficult to achieve. Climbing with questions is at least ugly. The time will come, and she herself will gradually tell everything. It's funny, but there are 2 options for the development of events: either the past is there, or it is not. And in fact, and in that case, a girl can easily begin to lie with inspiration: Andersen nervously smokes on the sidelines.

In the first case, in order to hide the adventures of his long-suffering fifth point, in the second - to embellish himself, preferably so that the guy drool like a mad dog. Interestingly, it is this question that often causes an attack of fabulousness in guys.

… Good fellows - a lesson! 8

That's the whole conversation: nothing complicated and incomprehensible. It is enough just to take the girl's place and imagine in colors: how much courage he himself will always have to answer the truth. And you can take any situation.

instruction for guys about female lies
instruction for guys about female lies

Even now, convulsive creaking of teeth and thoughts are heard: "Well, no, I won't lie!" Already a lie. All lie. You just need to be able to separate flies from cutlets. When they say that lies can be harmless, they are right.

Who needs the truth that will lead to a quarrel, discord, divorce? The question is: why does a person deliberately find himself in situations when he has to lie? Because his partner leaves him no choice. Conclusion: the girl is not a horse - she will not stand in the stall. Here is the answer to the question: why is the girl lying.

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