What To Do If You Like Your Friend's Boyfriend - Forget Or Fight

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What To Do If You Like Your Friend's Boyfriend - Forget Or Fight
What To Do If You Like Your Friend's Boyfriend - Forget Or Fight

Video: What To Do If You Like Your Friend's Boyfriend - Forget Or Fight

Video: What To Do If You Like Your Friend's Boyfriend - Forget Or Fight
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if you like your friend's boyfriend
if you like your friend's boyfriend

Friend … Many women tend to put a lot of meaning into that word, considering a friend at least a blood sister, with whom you can easily share the most intimate, which you can trust as well as yourself. But life is a big joker and at times is able to play a good trick on those women who, until recently, considered themselves best friends. In most cases, for this she makes them fight for one man for two. So what if you like your girlfriend's boyfriend? How to force yourself not to succumb to temptation and not discourage a guy from a friend.

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  • 1 Do not try to stand out from the crowd
  • 2 Less time together
  • 3 Without decreasing the distance
  • 4 Strengthen your friendship with your friend
  • 5 Don't share your feelings for her boyfriend with her
  • 6 Don't tell anyone
  • 7 Don't go anywhere with her boyfriend
  • 8 Your actions after breaking them

Don't try to stand out from the crowd i

Subconsciously, almost every woman, upon meeting a handsome guy, begins to try to put herself in order and look her best. This can be expressed in the fact that she will start stronger and more pronouncedly colored, or - dress more defiantly.

Lovely ladies should not do this, as the change in behavior immediately becomes noticeable from the outside. And absolutely all friends (besides the girlfriend herself, of course, will notice that both of you breathe not indifferently towards the same guy). You should not do this, and you need to paint and dress as always, regardless of how much you liked your friend's boyfriend. Communication should also not be conspicuous and attract undue attention. It should be the same as with any other male.

In order not to cross out your old friendship, you should carefully monitor that you do not flirt with him. Also, do not talk too much in his presence. This will also draw unnecessary negative attention to itself. If friendly feelings are not false, then you definitely do not want to upset your girlfriend, and even more so, beat her boyfriend.

Less time together2

If the situation has developed in such a way that a friend has a boyfriend who you personally like very much, try to spend as little time as possible with your girlfriend and her new boyfriend. Do not follow the couple everywhere, let them quietly enjoy each other's company in private.

Even when a friend herself personally invites you to a joint picnic in nature, it is best to refuse and not succumb to unnecessary temptations. Just let them be alone and don't make your heart beat faster and harder. This is especially true of those cases when you already feel sympathy for him. Of course, you are not prohibited from spending a certain amount of time with your friend and her new companion. But, it is still worth trying to keep this communication to a minimum.

What to do if you like your girlfriend's boyfriend
What to do if you like your girlfriend's boyfriend

Without decreasing the distance3

In order to resist the temptation and not start flirting with your girlfriend's boyfriend, you must try to maintain a certain distance with him. But, you need to be careful here, especially if you really like the guy.

Your best friend's boyfriend isn't the best way to hang out. The line between friendship and love is very thin. That is why, in order to minimize the risk of such a rapprochement, it is necessary to maintain a polite detachment. Your best bet is to try to communicate with him even less than with the rest of the guys around you.

Strengthen your friendship with your friend4

In order to avoid a quarrel with your best friend during the period when she has a new lover, you need to try to be nicer and more friendly than usual. Spending time alone with your friend will allow you to leave everything in its place and strengthen friendly feelings.

The fact that she has a new boyfriend does not give you a reason to spend less time together than usual - have fun, relax as always. True, it is advisable to do this alone, without the participation of a new boyfriend. If you do not limit meetings with your friend, conduct confidential conversations with her as before, you can insure yourself against the mere thought of taking her boyfriend away. Your conscience will simply not allow you to hurt your beloved friend.

Like the guy podogi
Like the guy podogi

Don't share your feelings for her boyfriend with her

Do not think that a frank conversation with a friend that you are imbued with true feelings for her boyfriend will help strengthen friendship and generate even more trust is completely in vain. This is definitely not worth doing.

No matter how close friendship ties you, your friend will definitely not like this alignment of events. In any case, even trusting you as herself, she will feel internal subconscious fears that the guy might pay attention to you and leave her for a new relationship.

By the way, you should not immediately focus her attention on her sympathy, even if she and her friend have already parted ways and the guy is, as they say, in free swimming. In any case, in the depths of her soul, a friend may still be worried about her unworked love, and talking about the fact that you are going to take her place, at that moment one hundred percent will not lead to anything good.

If the situation has developed in this way, wait a while and only after its expiration inform your friend that you are going to start a relationship with her, by the way, an ex-boyfriend.

K / f
K / f

Regardless of when exactly you are going to inform your friend about your connection with her ex-boyfriend, you should not carry out any actions behind her back (including dating with the guy you like).

Of course, exceptions to the rules happen and occur, albeit very rarely, such truly faithful friends who will accept your revelation without any unnecessary thoughts and may even help with their advice. But, what to hide, this is rare.

Don't tell anyone6

When you are in love, of course, you want to share your emotions with the whole world. But, this is definitely not worth doing. If you tell one or several friends about it, soon the thought of this will spread to all common acquaintances. Accordingly, an unpleasant situation for you will develop. Especially when you consider that this is your best friend's boyfriend.

This development of events is completely unsurprising in itself, since people, in principle, are not inclined to keep other people's secrets, and the situation when there is one guy for two friends is completely inclined to arouse increased interest. You should not put your feelings for your girlfriend's boyfriend on public reasoning.

Don't go anywhere with her boyfriend7

Probably, this subparagraph is understandable without any additional explanations on what to do if you like your friend's boyfriend. An ambiguous environment can unwittingly provoke your rapprochement with a guy and even lead to such consequences that you will probably regret in the near future.

Is it worth fighting for a friend's boyfriend
Is it worth fighting for a friend's boyfriend

Your actions after breaking them8

Even if you really like your friend's boyfriend, you shouldn't try to throw yourself on his neck right after their separation. This behavior may very well offend her very much. Indeed, due to the circumstances, you must first of all console her, and not your ex-boyfriend. If, however, you throw yourself on his neck, you can very much hurt the feelings of your girlfriend and forever lose her trust and, accordingly, destroy your friendship.

You should not waste time on the current or former boyfriends of your girlfriends, because there are so many guys in the world who are worthy of your attention.

In conclusion, you can recall the true statement that it is worth treating others the way you want them to treat you. That is why, before you "lay eyes" on your friend's boyfriend, think about whether it would be nice for you if she, being in your place, beat the boyfriend away from you. So, in order not to think about what to do, if you like a friend's boyfriend, it is better to immediately drive these thoughts away from yourself and look for a more suitable man for a relationship.

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